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Please read our exotic car rental policies prior to making your request

1. Driver Age:

Driver must be 21 years of age to rent any vehicle. Any person under the age of 21 requires to have his own liability insurance that would transfer over to our vehicle. Additional damage deposit is charged for any person under the age of 21. Driver must have a VALID driver license and secondary form identification to rent any vehicle. We check the validity of the driver licence prior to renting out any vehicle.

2. Security Deposit Options:

Renter must have a Visa, Master, Discover or American Express card to put on file with

LA Exotics LLC. Card will be used for a refundable damage and security deposit authorization. Card must be in renters name. No gift cards, no checks, no other payment methods.

3. Insurance:

Qualified renter may purchase liability insurance if they do not have their own in addition to the rental cost. If renter declines to purchase insurance, they must provide their own liability insurance which would cover the vehicle rented IN FULL. This will be verified with the insurance provider prior to rental, so it's a good idea to fax or email us your policy card ahead of time.

Renter has an option to purchase additional Collision Damage waiver to protect themselves from any damage surcharges. Deductible will be charged from the security deposit.

4. Geographical Restrictions:

Vehicles rented by LA Exotics LLC are not permitted to leave California without the companies consent. Renter MUST verify that it is OK to do so with the company prior to leaving the state. Vehicles are NOT allowed to go into Mexico at any point in time, under any circumstance. Vehicles are also not permitted to enter race tracks or any other locations where the vehicle stands a good chance of being abused. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS Tracking and computer control. Vehicle WILL be shut off if we receive notification of any abuse, and the repair cost will come out of damage deposit.


5. Fuel:

All vehicles rented by LA Exotics LLC require 91 octane. Renter must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it was rented out with. A fuel receipt of 91 octane used is REQUIRED.

Fuel surcharge will be charged if the vehicle has less fuel than when it left our offices.

6. Rates and Availability:

All rates are dependent on availability. If a desired vehicle is not available at the time of rental, an equal value or better vehicle will be provided.

7. Special Services:

​LA Exotics LLC provides chauffeur and companion services. LA Exotics LLC is not responsible for any actions of these third party service providers. Service provider is NOT an employee of LA Exotics LLC but rather a third party service provider. Any interaction between the service provider and the renter is confidential. LA Exotics LLC carries no liability for third party providers service.

8. Additional Drivers:

One additional qualified driver is allowed as long as they meet the renting and insurance criteria.

9. Payment Methods:

Payment methods at the end of rental are as follows: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express. If your payment method differs, please contact us to verify we can accept it.

10. Vehicle Abuse

All vehicles are equipped with black box computers. Upon return of the rental, the computer will be checked for abuse. Abuse includes but is not limited to: burn outs, over-revving the engine, continuous driving in high RPM, drifting etc.

If such abuse has occurred, renter will forfeit the security deposit and will incur any additional fees for full tune up, change of tires, and any and all other damage that the vehicle might have incurred due to the abuse. 

11.No Smoking No Food No Open Beverages

NO Smoking is allowed in any vehicle. If the renter chooses to smoke inside the vehicle, $250 full detail cost will be deducted from the security deposit.

No food or open beverages is allowed. If we discover that there has been a spill of beverage, sauce, grease or anything else food related on the seat or any other part of the car, full cleaning or replacement cost will be deducted from the security deposit. Cost will vary on case by case basis.