Can-Am Spyder – A Three-Wheeled Force to Be Reckoned With

If you ever wanted to ride Batman-style, the Can-Am Spyder is the closest real life experience you will get. There is also no better place to rent this exotic vehicle than in Los Angeles, where the weather is always ideal for driving in the open air. 

What makes the Can-Am Spyder such a marvel mobile is that it’s a super fast ATV specifically made for city streets. Some say it’s even better than a motorcycle because it gives you the same thrill with far less risk to your safety. Even the most novice rider can jump on the three-wheel Spyder and enjoy its fast speeds without worrying about the dangers of falling off. In fact, some would describe it more like a Jet Ski or ski-doo for the city streets, where you simply get on and enjoy the ride!

With simple engineering that uses a foot pedal brake for stops and a basic handle bar to steer your turns, the Can-Am Spyder is designed to be as easy as riding a bike, but with the capacity to take you on a full on thrill ride. Basically, the Can-Am Spyder is one of the most unique vehicles you will ever find and certainly the best way to experience the ultimate open air driving tour of Los Angeles. So, if you’re looking for a street legal toy to enjoy the California sunshine - the Can-Am Spyder certainly offers the bestof everything in one.

LA Exotics is one of the few exotic rental companies in Los Angeles that has the Can-Am Spyder available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals. Not only that, but we are also currently offering the best prices you will find anywhere, so please contact us in advance to make sure we have it available for the exact dates you want. LA Exotics is also happy to provide a quick tutorial and test drive so that you can get the most out of your once in a lifetime Can-Am Spyder driving experience.


Black on Black

Performance Wheels

​Performance Exhaust

Very Fun Ride!


Navigation, Leather, Motorcycle Handles

Starting Daily Cost: $199/day

Liability insurance: $40/day 

MSRP: $18,000

​Daily Miles Included: 50

​Excess Miles: $1 per mile

​Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

​Engine: 1000cc 4-Stroke

Horsepower: 100hp

​Doors: None

Weekly Renting Cost: $999

Monthly Renting Cost: Contact us

​Contact us regarding availability!

Three wheeler can am spyder! all the fun of a motorcycle without falling!

CAN AM Spyder


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